The RDMLA Course on Canvas is officially open!
Access the course page here: RDMLA Course

The RDMLA curriculum focuses on the essential knowledge and skills needed to collaborate effectively with researchers on data management. Librarians working in academic settings who complete this program will have increased capacity to address the growing research data management needs of their higher learning institutions and to train faculty and researchers on best practices.

The RDMLA course is official open. Below is a screenshot of the Canvas enrollment page.

Course Enrollment

The RDMLA curriculum is consisted of the following eight units. Each unit features video lectures, exercises, assessments and additional resources. Below is a screenshot of the Course Welcome Page

     Unit 1: Foundations of Research Data Management (RDM)
     Unit 2: Navigating Research Data Culture
     Unit 3: Advocating and Marketing the Value of RDM in Libraries
     Unit 4: Launching Data Services in Libraries
     Unit 5: Project Management and Assessment
     Unit 6: Overview of Data Analysis and Visualization Tools
     Unit 7: Overview of Coding Tools
     Unit 8: Overview of Platform Tools

Course Home Page

The RDMLA units are hosted online on Canvas under CC-BY-NC-SA (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) licensing.