RDMLA Leadership

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Elaine Martin Photo
Elaine Martin
Director and Chief Administrative Officer, Countway Library
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Rong Tang Photo
Rong Tang
Associate Professor & Director of SLIS PhD Program
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Jean Shipman Photo
Jean Shipman, MSLS
Vice President, Global Library Relations

RDMLA Faculty

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Julie Goldman Photo
Julie Goldman
Countway Research Data Services Librarian
Scott Lapinski Photo
Scott Lapinski
Associate Director, Digital Scholarship & Scholarly Communication
Roger Vargas Photo
Roger Vargas
Graduate Student in Systems Biology
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Danielle Adams Photo
Danielle Adams
Assessment and Planning Program Manager
Ceilyn Boyd Photo
Ceilyn Boyd
Research Data Program Manager
Rachel Lewellen Photo
Rachel Lewellen
Head of Assessment and Program Management
Alison Thornton Photo
Alison Thornton
Assessment and Planning Project Manager
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Andrew Creamer Photo
Andrew Creamer
Scientific Data Management Specialist
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Danielle Pollock Photo
Danielle Pollock
Assistant Professor
BU Logo
Mary Blanchard Photo
Mary Blanchard
Library Director, Alumni Medical Library
Philip E. Coombs Photo
Philip E. Coombs
Education and Information Services Librarian
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Richard Kaplan Photo
Richard Kaplan
Dean of Library and Learning Resources, Director of Libraries
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Eric Albright Photo
Eric Albright
Director of Library Administration, Hirsh Health Sciences Library
Rebecca Morin Photo
Rebecca Morin
Head of Research & Instruction, Hirsh Health Sciences Library
Berika Williams Photo
Berika Williams
Emerging Technologies and Web Librarian
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Jen Ferguson Photo
Jen Ferguson
Research Data Management Librarian, Snell Library

RDMLA Course Development Team

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Sanda Erdelez Photo
Sanda Erdelez
Professor & Director, School of Library and Information Science
Kristen Palson Photo
Kristen Palson
Assistant VP, Simmons Online
Madhu Narayan Photo
Madhu Narayan
Instructional Designer, Simmons Online
Courtney Bohr Photo
Courtney Bohr
Instructional Designer, Simmons Online


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Alison Richardson Photo
Alison Richardson
Manager of Administration and Finance, Countway Library
Ashley Thomas Photo
Ashley Thomas
RDMLA Librarian, Countway Library
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Zhan Hu Photo
Zhan Hu
Project Coordinator
Alyson Gamble Photo
Alyson Gamble
Former Data Fellow (Summer 2018)