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What is the RDMLA?

The Research Data Management Academy (RDMLA) is a global, free online professional development program for librarians, information professionals, or other professionals who work in a research-intensive environment. The curriculum focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to collaborate with researchers and other stakeholders on data management. RDMLA features a unique partnership between a library and information science academic program, academic health sciences and research libraries, and information analytics company. All of the content is hosted on Canvas Network, freely available, and open for reuse under a CC-BY-NC-SA license.

What is research data management and why is it important for librarians?

Research data is anything collected or generated in the process of research. And research data management is the management of any data you use or generate during a research project. Research data management (RDM) operates on the intersections of data, information, and library sciences.

RDMLA is essential to gain efficiencies, meet growing RDM needs, and address the librarian skills gap. Units are created to address the transparent need librarians, information professionals, and researchers have to equip themselves with tools to be able to know the basic foundations of good data management practices.

How did RDMLA determine librarians RDM training/skill needs?

Between May and September 2018, the RDMLA Survey was distributed to relevant groups via email, a Library Connect blog post, listservs, and word of mouth. The 19 question survey gauged general perceptions, particularly from librarians worldwide, about RDM and RDM training.

Survey Report | Training Inventory | Publication Inventory

What’s new for the RDMLA?

January 2022: The first eight units have been translated into Traditional Chinese and are available on the Canvas Network! Our second mini-module, “Data Ethics in Health Sciences,” will launch at the end of January. Lastly, please join us for the inaugural RDMLA Symposium on Friday, April 22, 2022!