What is Research Data Management?

Research data management (RDM) operates on the intersections of data, information, and library sciences.

What is the Librarian Academy?

The Research Data Management Librarian Academy, or RDMLA, is a group of several university libraries partnering with Elsevier to study the need for a Research Data Management Librarian Academy that could provide online RDM training. The team has worked to compile an inventory of existing courses for academic librarians as well as researchers and conduct a needs assessment through interviews, surveys, and focus groups in order to identify gaps in current training offerings and to identify what librarians and researchers need to contribute to their success.

Why is it important for libraries and librarians?

The project partners consider the project essential to gain efficiencies, meet growing RDM needs, and address the librarian skills gap.

About the Survey Instrument

The Research Data Management Librarian Academy (RDMLA) Survey was intended to gauge general perceptions, particularly from librarians, about RDM and RDM training. The RDMLA survey was launched via SurveyMonkey on May 23, 2018 and closed on September 4, 2018. It contained 19 questions developed by Elsevier’s Jean Shipman and Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Elaine Martin. The survey was distributed to relevant groups via email, a Library Connect blog post, listservs, and word of mouth. At the conclusion of the survey on September 4, 2018, there were 241 responses. The majority of these responses (n = 116) were collected during May 2018. The 628 open answer responses were hand-coded by Alyson Gamble of Simmons University.

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