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Based on a shared purpose of providing better access to quality, open educational materials to broader learning communities, the RDMLA team collaborated with the National Taiwan University (NTU) Library in early 2020 to develop the Chinese version of the RDMLA.

The translation effort was initiated by a joint meeting in February 2020, to discuss work expectations, capabilities, responsibilities, and timeline. Through a collaborative approach involving an iterative review, a deliberate attempt was made to ensure that the translation retains the authenticity and integrity of the original content.

During the post-translation joint meeting, the RDMLA review team and the NTU translation team discuss issues occurring in the translation and reach an agreement for the best practices in translation. Given the expectation that the translated course will be usable by all Chinese speaking learners, including in Taiwan and other areas that use traditional fonts, and in Mainland China, which uses simplified Chinese, both teams agreed to include a glossary table at the beginning of each unit to list frequently used terms. The table shows the original English term and the term translated in traditional and simplified Chinese.

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The Chinese version of RDMLA consists of all eleven units, focusing on the knowledge and skills needed to collaborate with researchers and other stakeholders on data management.